Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paradise by Coldplay

Hey guys! I'm back! We had an amazing time in St. Thomas, and over the next few days I will show you how much fun we had. It was beautiful weather everyday till our last when it rained on and off (I think St. Thomas was crying because we were leaving...). I wore similar outfits to the ones I posted, but changed a few things up and had to pack a little differently. Here's some pictures from the day we arrived and our first dinner with the whole family.

The first group has arrived... suitcases and all

Our first beverages... and we hadn't even left the airport :)

The view of the main city, Charlotte-Amalie, from our resort

Some pretty light decorations at the resort

The whole family!

Pretty Christmas tree in the lobby... loved their Christmas decorations everywhere!

Another view of Charlotte-Amalie

Happy Saturday!

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  1. looks like a blast! i just saw the other pics on nice!