Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Tickets To Paradise by Edie Money

Here are a couple more days of pictures. I hope you enjoy... and are hopefully having warm weather in the beginning of January.... what's up with that? (I am not complaining about it at all... just shocked that I've only had one day of snow this winter...)
The view of Charlotte-Amalie during the day... with a cruise ship. There was at least one everyday, and the last day we were there, there were six!

The Marriot's Frenchman's Cove, the timeshare part of the resort.

My sister, brother in law, and nephew on the water taxi into town to do some shopping

Hubby needed a hat since he left his at home... so we found these captain hats. Unfortunately, he didn't get one.

There are iguanas everywhere on the island... I took quite a few pictures of them too

My family at dinner at Mollie Malone's, an Irish Pub restaurant... that has one wall and is open to the ocean on the other sides

The next day we took our two cars on the ferry over to St. John

Here's Trunk Bay where we hung out for the day in St. John

Hubby taught my family a game, where you keep two hands on the sand in the ocean, and as the waves come in you have to try and stay in place instead of get washed up in the sand.... entertainment for hours

A beautiful day to lay out in the sun

Island Time Pub... 4 large pizzas = 12 happy people

I hope you're enjoying these pictures... makes me want to go back :)

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