Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back At One by Brian McKnight

Sometimes you get phone calls to sub really late, as in less than an hour before you are supposed to be at school or even after the time they want you there (which is normally due to an emergency or sickness). Today was one of those days that I was called with less than an hour till I had to be at school. It makes you feel rushed and like you're throwing everything together. I had thought about pairing this shirt and belt, so I tried it out today. My hair and makeup were done about as quickly as possible. I did make sure to have enough time to have cereal for breakfast, but luckily since it was a half day, I didn't need to pack a lunch.
Shirt: Gap / Pants: Macy's / Belt: Charlotte Russe / Shoes: Bandolino / Earrings: Peebles

I really need to trim my bangs... and fold the last load of laundry I did yesterday (and fell asleep before it was done, oops!). 

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  1. Cute look. I really like the belt with the top. I'm going to have to try that.