Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anywhere For You by Backstreet Boys

Yesterday we spent the day driving around Ft. Lewis and Tacoma. If we move here for residency, I'm trying to get an idea of where we would like to live, if we are off base. We found an awesome neighborhood community nearby that we loved with a few places for sale and rent, so that makes me excited! Today we are going back to Tacoma to check out the sights. 
Cardigan: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Skirt: Gap / Flats: Gap / Scarf: Walmart / Earrings: Walmart

Its the warmest day today while we're here. However it starts cool, warms up, then cools back down throughout the day.... so layers are the way to go. Also, this scarf caught my eye while I was grocery shopping because of the color and the chevron print. Love it!


  1. Tacoma is a nice area! I've been there a few times and don't mind it at all. Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying the trip. And the cardigan and jean skirt are adorable together - very classic!


    1. Thanks Callie! Where did you go in Tacoma?

  2. what a cute outfit! i love it!!