Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pictures from Seattle

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was busy getting things ready to have a 12 hour date with hubby. He came home from Seattle at about 10pm and was back at the airport at 11am... ok so we had a 13 hour date, plus the time I was able to be with him at the gate in the airport. Good thing I get to see him again in Augusta in 18 days, but who's counting? Anyway, here are the pictures from our trip to Seattle. If we don't end up moving there, we will definitely be going back to visit!
Gorgeous sunflowers at the Tacoma Farmer's Market

I told you I saw Steven Spielberg!!!!! I tried to be subtle taking this picture :)

Mexican Food Truck at the Farmer's Market

Yummy enchiladas with rice and beans from the food truck

Pretty park in Tacoma

My family cheering on my cousin in his cross country race

Go Graham! He's the one in maroon and was 25th out of about 200!!!

Hubby on the ferry to Vashon Island where my cousins live

Some of the landscaping at my cousins house

More of their beautiful 5 acres

Mt. Ranier from Robinson point on Vashon

The lighthouse on Vashon Island

Mom and Hubby at Robinson point

My dad by the lighthouse

My family enjoying dinner outside (L-R: Hubby, Cousin, Uncle, Dad, Mom, Cousin's son, Cousin's wife)

Ferris Wheel on the Pier in Seattle

The only picture I took at Fort Lewis-McChord... its a really nice base, I just forgot to take pictures till we saw this statue

Mom and Dad at dinner

Hubby and I at dinner

This is how you fly in style.... a girl can dream

Hanging out with the planes at the museum of the Boeing plant

The only time I'll pretend to be a pilot

The Public Market in Seattle

So much fresh vegetables and food for sale

More gorgeous flowers at the market.... they had huge bouquets of beautiful flowers for only $5... if we move there, I will always have fresh flowers in the house

The original Starbucks

Fresh fish at the market

The Monorail we took to the Space Needle

The Space Needle!

View of Seattle from the Space Needle

My dad and my uncle... brotherly love :)

As you can see we had an awesome trip. Its a great area with a lot to see and do. It was also fun to see our family out there who we don't get to see too often. Now I'm going to get back to the Buffalo/Cleveland game and cheer on my Bills! Since Hubby's not here to cheer for his Browns, I don't need to feel bad for him as we are currently winning :)

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