Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day In The Life by The Beatles

Its back to regular life again this week. Back to teaching dance and running errands, and its sort of the last week of summer. Schools around us either start this week or next, so I'll get back to subbing after a few weeks have gone by and teachers are sick or need a day off for some reason or other. Its been a pretty good summer, but I'm ready for a change of pace and temperature. I'm also getting excited for our upcoming trips to Tacoma, WA and Augusta, GA, and to find out where we will be living next year!
Tank: Old Navy / Jeans: Peebles / Shoes: Toms / Scarf: Old Navy / Earrings: American Eagle

Purse: Vera Bradley

This purse is one of my birthday presents from hubby and the scarf is from my mom. I love this VB pattern and was really excited that it matched the scarf. Its also a nice transition outfit for summer to fall!


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    1. Thanks! I love infinity scarves and the color yellow :)

  2. Love the purse and scarf! And I love how lots of your posts are based on song titles, that's such a creative idea! I am officially your newest follower as of... now! Drop by and say hello sometime :)
    Of Thoughts and Things

  3. What a cute fall outfit (and that's awesome that you teach dance. I always thought that would be the most fun job.)! Thank you so much for that sweet comment you left, and for following me! I'm excited to be your newest follower :)