Friday, October 14, 2011

Whatever It Is by Zac Brown Band

This was the first morning in awhile that hubby and I had to get up and get ready at the same time. Well, I got up about an hour before him because it takes me much longer to get ready, but we had to leave at the same time. We both had a few minutes to spare, so it was nice to chat and walk out to our cars together before we went on with our busy day. I am now off to Westminster for homecoming weekend, but hubby has to work in the ER tomorrow from 7am-7pm, so he will not be joining in the fun. Today's outfit was the perfect transition outfit from work to fun.... change dress pants to jeans, black flats to red heels, and I took off the necklace and put on a scarf because its a chilly, windy day.

For work:
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Macy's / Flats: Shoe Show / Earrings: Walmart / Necklace: Stella and Dot

 For fun:
Same sweater: American Eagle / Jeans: Hollister / Shoes: Macy's / Scarf: honeymoon cruise / Same earrings: Walmart

Its going to be a cool and rainy weekend.... not ideal for homecoming, so lets hope that is wrong! :)

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