Monday, October 17, 2011

Homecoming Recap

Here are the pictures from homecoming weekend. It was definitely a bit colder and more windy than expected, so we all look bundled up for the parade and game, but it was a great time. Which also means that the blazer I had planned to wear was not going to be warm enough, so luckily I brought my North Face fleece and wore that instead. Nothing beats hanging out with family and friends... no matter the weather.
Mom and Dad all bundled up, and excited to see my sis in the parade

Best Friend Ryan and I (I told you it was windy... my bangs don't normally fly like that by themselves)

If you look closely, my sis is the piccolo player in the middle of the line

My sorority's float... the theme was broadway musicals and they were Peter Pan. Go Kappa Delta!!!! <3

The band in the shape of WC for pregame

Crowning the Homecoming King

Crowning the Homecoming Queen

Homecoming is about reuniting with friends

In front of the stands at the football game

Getting ready with my sis, her RA, and her roommate for a night out at the hubby's fraternity house

Enjoying ourselves at the party

Hope you had a great weekend! Today I get to unpack, do laundry, and lots of cleaning... back to real life.

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  1. Looks like such a fun time!
    Isn't North Face the warmest ever?