Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Virginia by Train

It has been a busy day for me today. I ran to the store, started laundry, and am working on a baby shower gift project and have a few other things to get to tonight like paying bills and painting my nails. I don't have an outfit for you today due to a hectic laundry day (fighting for washers and dryers with the other tenants of our apartment building), but I do have dinner! Since I'm cooking for myself this week, it hasn't been fancy things. Today's dinner is actually a Lean Cuisine frozen meal, but I added some of my own sides and put it on a nice plate, to disguise it as a homemade meal.
Doesn't it look yummy? Its butternut squash ravioli with veggies. Not pictured: applesauce and dessert

I plan to show you the baby shower gift I'm working on, but not till the shower :)

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