Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perfect Day by Lady Antebellum

Hope you had a fabulous fourth of July! Sorry my post yesterday was so short, I was on my way out of the apartment for the day. The hubster and I picked up some friends and headed to another friend's apartment for cooking out and swimming all day. It was a beautiful day till around 4 when it started raining, so we headed inside to change and get ready for a small dinner before fireworks. After getting wings at Quaker Steak and Lube, we headed to the Point in Pittsburgh to see fireworks that are ranked top 10 in the nation. My friend's dad works at a building really close by, so we got amazing parking and walked over to the river. As we were on our way over it started to downpour again and we tried staying dry under a tree, however it became really leaky when it rained harder. After the rain finally stopped and we were soaked, we met up with our other friends by the river and had great seats for the fireworks. In Pittsburgh, they have three barges in the river (where the three rivers meet) full of fireworks that are set off to music. It was definitely worth getting wet, and we all had a blast. The place we parked was perfect for getting back to the highway and skipping all traffic. Here's some pictures from the fireworks:

Our view of Heinz Field

One of the many bridges in Pittsburgh

The hubster and I soaking wet

The fireworks!!!

Happy 4th!!!

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