Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Yellow

The hubster and I are ready to be picked up by his preceptor and his wife to go to a drug rep presentation, talk, and dinner. Its in Pittsburgh, so thats why they are picking us up. I'm looking forward to a nice evening with free dinner! :)

I am in love with my new white jeans and am loving the outfit I chose to wear tonight. I think its sophisticated and classic. Its also yellow day with Everybody Everywear, so I added a yellow vera bradley bag. Its very summery and I love the print.

I wanted to start with my new haircolor. Its not as brassy and yellow as before. It is a champagne blonde color and I think it looks more natural.

(Thats my closet wide open, because the everybody everywear website needs a bigger picture, and I normally crop that out....)

Top: TJ Maxx / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Macy's / Necklace: Etsy

Here's the Vera Bradley bag up close

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear
Have a great wednesday!


  1. so in love with those jeans tooo!!! so cute on u!

  2. I am crazy about those white jeans!