Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brown Eyed Girl by Jimmy Buffett

I'm trying to get myself into a routine for the summer. Today I did lots of laundry, paid bills, made a few phone calls, got groceries so we can actually eat at the apartment besides cereal and soup, and met up with some teacher friends from Lewisburg for dinner. That is not going to be my regular routine, but it was a productive day so I'm very happy with it. My regular routine will include some sort of outside activity, probably either a walk, run, or bike ride :)

Here's today's outfit. I've had this top for awhile and was really excited to show off the tan on my shoulders, so it was a comfortable, quick, and pretty way to go.

Top: Macy's / Jeans: American Eagle / Flats: No Boundaries.... Shoe Show?

I'm going to catch up on The Bachelorette because of the move I'm two weeks behind! 

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