Wednesday, January 30, 2013

C'Mon by Ke$ha

This warm weather we're having is amazing, however its coming to an end tonight. Spring cleaning is so much better when the windows are open with the fresh air coming in. And with spring cleaning, our little Christmas tree finally came down. I had taken the ornaments off when we got back from our vacation, but the tree and the lights stayed up. At least its not February yet! Now the tree is down and our blooming paper whites are in its place. 
Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans: American Eagle / Sneakers: Puma / Earrings: Walmart

So I love this baseball tee. I now have four of them, in purple, pink, yellow, and green. They fit me perfectly and I've just always loved baseball tees. They're a laid back, casual shirt, but I'm going to see how many different ways I can style them. This is how I wore the purple one to lunch and the movie on Saturday. It was perfect for a fun afternoon with hubby.


  1. You are just like me, when I love an item, I buy it in every! Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy and I am now your newest follower! I look forward to stalking your blog, lol!