Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Kate from Perpetual Student's Wife

Hello, lovely readers of Pictures and 1000 Words! I’m Kate and I blog over at the Perpetual Student’s Wife {www.theperpetualstudentswife.blogspot.com}. I live in Houston with my music composer husband who is wrapping up his doctorate degree (I feel like he’s never going to get done with school!) and two critter kids, a loud-mouthed beagle and a fluffy grey cat.

The Holiday Season is a funny thing here in the south, sometimes you just don’t feel like you can get into the holiday spirit when it’s daytime highs of 68 and full sunshine (and as a transplant from gloomy Ohio, I’m definitely not complaining- I love the weather down here). So what’s a girl to do? Stand next to a red shed in a ridiculous gold sweater and mint skinny jeans, of course. Forced holiday cheer by way of lightweight layers.


I hope this little bit of glitter was a cheerful inspiration for your holiday wardrobe. And pop over to my blog {www.theperpetualstudentswife.blogspot.com} to say hey, I’d love to meet you and see what you’ve been wearing for the holidays!