Monday, April 30, 2012

I've Been Waiting For You by ABBA

I was looking through the blogs that I have under the Blog Obsessions tab last night. I decided to do some "spring cleaning" since some of them haven't been updated in quite some time. Since I have so many new followers, I was wondering if you would want to be one of the blogs that I have mentioned in my tab (since I follow all of you back!). Its not really a sponsor, but a free way to get some views and hopefully new followers. I always like to check out what blogs other bloggers are reading since most have a blog roll like my tab. So anyway, if you'd like me to put your blog on my tab, please leave a comment, and if you want to do the same back, I'd really appreciate it!!! :)

Ok, so today's post is being posted really late. This is because our internet connection has been so weak and slow that nothing has loaded all day. I finally got it fixed, hence this post being put up! However, I was mad with the internet and ignored my laptop for most of the day. So much so, that I took my outfit pictures with my phone instead of photo booth. These pictures actually turned out better than I expected, and the colors are 100% true, unlike how it sometimes turns out from photo booth. However, I'm holding my phone in these pictures. So I may try different ways of taking outfit pictures this week. The best would be with a really nice camera and tripod (but thats expensive!) or hubby taking them (but he's busy at work or studying a lot). Let me know what you think too!

Shirt: Hollister / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Toms / Sweater: Danskin / Turquoise Earrings and bracelet (not really seen in picture): St. Thomas market / Glasses: Burberry

(Yes, this is the same sweater as I wore the other day just in a different color. I miss dance and having a real reason to wear these sweaters.)

I did end up taking the outfit picture with photo booth. There are pros and cons to taking the pictures with my phone and with photo booth. The colors for this particular outfit are better from my phone, but photo booth is not always that off on colors. I do like the blank canvas background I use when I use my laptop and not holding anything in my hand. I do like both pictures... so I might do a little of both to change it up around here.

I'm happy to report our internet is working much better now :)

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