Monday, April 23, 2012

Christmas In The Caribbean by Jimmy Buffet

Yesterday was the perfect ending for the weekend. Hubby did a lot of paperwork, I did a lot of things around the apartment, and we both felt accomplished. Best part? We both got to swear sweats all day and be comfortable. Anyway, I said yesterday that I would post videos of the winning performances. I recorded them myself, but found these recordings that have better sound than mine. The theme for the performances this year was decades, and they were all given a number. For example, 5, so they could use songs from 1955, 1965, 1975 etc. Most of the groups picked their songs with another theme in mind, so they would go together nicely. Kappa Delta did Christmas, and Theta Chi did the Evolution of Dance. Enjoy!
Some of the alumnae and current sisters at our meet and greet event

The girls after winning Sing n Swing 2012!

Kappa Delta
(if you look closely, during Jingle Bell Rock, real snow is falling on the stage)

Theta Chi

And there you have it. The champs of Sing n Swing 2012!

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