Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Together by The Turtles

Ladies and gentleman, I think spring has sprung!!! It is currently 6:00pm and its still 70 degrees!!!! I am so happy about this... more like ecstatic! It was awesome for running errands. I decided to welcome this weather with very spring colors today. I think light pink and teal blue are basically saying its time for Easter eggs and flowers and bunnies and everything happy. These colors are not for mad, angry days, but for joyous, warm days like today. Haha, can you tell I'm happy about this weather?

Shirt: Hollister / Jeans: Peebles / Shoes: Toms / Scarf: Peebles / Earrings: Walmart / Watch: Armitron

Not thrilled with Ben's choice last night, but I think everyone knew he was going to pick her. Oh well, I hope they are happy together.

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