Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet Charlie

We made it home with no problems last night. It rained the whole time and was a little windy, but it was nothing we couldn't handle, especially with our extremely packed car. Today, my mom, sister, and I went out and got mani/pedi's, so our finger and toes look beautiful, and stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books. Otherwise, its been pretty relaxing and uneventful here today.

I wanted to introduce you to Charlie, my family's dog, who I'll be taking care of this week.
He's a Shih Tzu and he's 8 years old. He's a very spoiled and well loved dog.

Isn't he cute?

What we're playing with is known as his "green bed." We bought it the day we brought him home, and its actually a cat bed. He fell asleep in my arms while we were at Petco, so I put him down on the bed and decided we should buy it since it was the right size at the time. He's outgrown it since and has taken all the fluffy stuffing out of it, but it is his best friend and he loves it.

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