Monday, March 12, 2012

Shape Of My Heart by Backstreet Boys

Its back to a normal day here in Weirton. I did a lot of unpacking, cleaning, and laundry. I made amazing tomato tortellini soup for dinner and hubby and I just finished making chocolate chip cookies. Now its time to relax with a glass of wine and watch The Bachelor finale!!!! 

I don't have an outfit picture for you (I'll get back to those tomorrow), but I do have a picture of what I came home to last night. It was just what I needed after a long day of driving and the scary sights of cars on fire. This wonderful, home cooked meal made by hubby was on the table when I walked in! I was so happy to 1. not cook and 2. not go out and 3. have such an awesome dinner with hubby!!!

There was salad, steak with carmelized onions, steak fries, asparagus, applesauce, and wine, followed by red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberry ice cream. Yummmm!!!

Let's hope Ben has his head on straight and picks Lindzi :)

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