Sunday, March 4, 2012

Starships by Nicki Minaj

How's your weekend treating you? Its been very relaxing and enjoyable here. I'm even thinking about taking a nap this afternoon after I take the family to the airport. Its snowing too so I really think cuddling on the couch with the pup sounds like a great idea. Plus having another cup of hot chocolate :) Anyway, here's what I wore to church this morning. I have been so excited to wear this skirt and I'm finally showing it to you today. Since its cold and snowy, I wore it with a black sweater and tights, but have so many other plans for how to wear this skirt. 
Sweater: Gap / Skirt: NY & Co. / Stockings: Danskin / Heels: Bandolino / Belt: From another skirt / Earrings: Walmart / Watch: Armitron

Hello from NY!

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