Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Burnin' For You by Blue Oyster Cult

I went to brunch with the ladies this morning and am about to go to a graduation party. Its a beautiful day outside (currently 72, high of 83, with possible showers) so as long as the rain holds off till after the party, it will be perfect! Plus, the ladies and I are making dinner tonight... boys are invited if they can get their noses out of the books for an hour or so. 

We'll start with the pictures of what I had for brunch:
The four of us split a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon... sooooo good.

Then I had the french toast with canadian bacon and strawberries :)

It definitely feels like summer, however we still have 3 days of school left... so 3 possible work days till I can finally say I'm on summer vacation!!!! The first day of my official vacation, I will be driving a SUV full of stuff to the new apartment, so I'm enjoying it now. I don't expect many teachers to take off the last 3 days of school.... but who knows!

Today I wanted to wear a bright color, so I chose this pink, with white accessories.

Shirt: Banana Republic / Jeans: American Eagle / Flip Flops: Old Navy / Necklace and Watch: American Eagle

This is my new bag!!! Its so big, my other purse is inside :)
Tote Bag: Target

Happy Sunday!


  1. That food looks amazing! I just saw that you were following me then I checked your blog and saw that you are living in WV! I'm originally from there, and go home to visit a few times a year. I live out West now, but I sure miss the green hills. Cute blog, I'm following, too now :)

  2. check my blog where you commented for my address. That french toast looks delish!