Monday, June 13, 2011

Hope That's Me by Brad Paisley

Today my friends and I were ladies who lunch. I woke up early to mow the lawn one last time so we could give the lawn mower to a friend who needs it at her new house... one thing about an apartment vs a house, no yard work! Then we met at one of the cutest restaurants in town for our last lunch together. One girl is leaving tonight, another tomorrow, and the rest are mostly leaving this weekend as are we. The rest of my afternoon has been doing the rest of the errands I need to do before my mom comes tomorrow! I'm excited to have her here to help pack, plus enjoy the last days in Lewisburg. 

The shoes and necklace of this outfit are new, and I love them!!!! I hope you do too :)

Shirt: Hollister / Jeans: American Eagle / Necklace: Walmart / Shoes: Shoe Show

I've been wearing a lot of navy, pink, and black lately.... not really sure why, but I promise to get back to my usual rainbow of colors after the move :)

Another episode of The Bachelorette tonight... come on Mickey!!!!

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