Friday, November 9, 2012

Closet Makeover Complete!

My closet is complete. Luckily my parents are visiting for the weekend and will be taking a couple of tubs with summer clothing home with them. Our apartment is pretty small, and hubby and I really need one more room to be an office and storage room. We have decent sized closets in the bedrooms (our bedroom closet is mine and the guest bedroom closet is his), however they have to hold more than our clothes because we have a lack of other storage space. As we wait to find out where we will be for residency, I'm looking for rental houses that are at least twice the square footage with walk in closets in our possible future locations! But back to reality, here are some pictures from the closet project.
This is right after the bar fell and I took everything off of it. You can see there is a divider support that has completely come out of the wall that is supposed to keep the shelf up and the bar in place. I put the shower rods in place when we first moved in because the divider support was never secure... and I'm glad they were there so the shelf didn't fall down on me too!

My clothes all over our bedroom. Normally I would pile them on top of our bed, but I was just about to change the sheets when this all happened, so I kept it clear so we could still do that.

My closet without the clothes and the bar back in place. This was before our landlord screwed the divider support back into the wall which made a big difference.

I bought another shoe rack, put some summer clothes in tubs to go home and donated some too, and took out the shower curtain rods! This is the finished product. So much more organized and pretty!

The other side of our bedroom. This is the most comfortable bed ever. And I love the garland on the headboard! Just thought I'd share because I love it so much :)


  1. Your bedroom looks really cozy :) I am always afraid that my closet will break one day because it's so full. Hope that does not happen in the near future, haha ;)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)!?

    1. Thanks Larissa! I hope it doesn't happen to you! :)