Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorating Pt. 1

I've been very excited about decorating the apartment for Christmas this year. I'm also very proud of what I've done. We have a little tree, a nativity scene, lights, some poinsettias, and lots of ornaments. After all that I realized that I had a whole bag of red ornament bulbs that I didn't want to overwhelm our little tree with when I noticed our cupcake stand is in the shape of a Christmas tree. So I put the ornaments in the cupcake stand. I decided to get a few other colored bulbs so it wasn't too much red. I still wasn't satisfied. Then I decided to get some green garland and really turn it into a tree. That's how this happened:

The finished product is a little Christmas tree centerpiece on our kitchen table!

I love it! Tomorrow I'll have a couple more decoration pictures for you and an idea I got from IKEA :)


  1. Very nice job showing how it went together. Especially on the red tablecloth.