Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fiesta Tent Sale!

Well I went back to the Fiesta ware tent sale today with a friend who went on Thursday and decided to go back for more. Its a little outrageous how good the prices were at the sale... I spent about $60 for what I would have spent at retail value, $366, and sale price, $250. So anyway, it was definitely exciting and worth it. Plus, it is hubby and my 2 year anniversary on Tuesday, so this is our gift to ourselves! :)
Waiting in line between the outlet store and the tent, from here it was about an hour wait... this picture really doesn't do the waiting justice

Lots of plates in crates

So many plates and bowls and cups to choose!

Here's what we purchased... for about $50

We are now a Fiesta and Corelle family, and it all matches!

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