Friday, December 21, 2012

It's The End Of The World by R.E.M.

Last night as hubby and I were driving back from shopping, Its The End of The World came on the radio, so we turned it up and sang along. I'm glad to say it isn't the end of the world and Christmas, our Hawaiian vacation, and New Years are still coming! Yay!!!! Today after we finish packing the car, we are headed for our first Christmas destination of Cleveland. With that said, I'm going to get back to getting things ready!
Shirt: Loft / Skinny Jeans: Delia's / Boots: Crocs / Scarf: Honeymoon gift / Earrings: NY&Co.

Jacket: Columbia

I had no idea what to wear yesterday after I had just put together a bunch of outfits to pack for Christmas and vacation. However, this outfit came together very nicely. I usually tend to keep to three colors in an outfit, but I think the red and blue go together nicely against the black and white neutrals.