Friday, July 13, 2012

Payphone by Maroon 5

Happy Friday the 13th! Or Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekend because hubby and I are off to Philadelphia for the final part of his boards, the Comlex II PE, for those of you who know what that is. After his test we're going to do some sightseeing and enjoy a weekend in a city we don't know by ourselves. And by weekend, I mean Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Luckily I can change my dance schedule for the week and hubby's preceptor has to give him off for the test, plus he's from Philadelphia and told us all these places to check out! If you have any recommendations, please let me know! We will be staying in Valley Forge.
Top: Loft / Jeans: American Eagle / Flats: Target / Earrings: American Eagle

A casual, yet cute outfit for running errands today.


  1. that outfit is so cute - love the shirt! and I LOVE your hair!!!

  2. Cute shirt, and yay for finishing the final part of the boards! How nice you can have a weekend to explore a new city together after. Have fun!

  3. The top looks so cute! I love the different size stripes and it looks great on you. Well put together yet casual!