Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food lately!

Instead of Thursday Latelies, I decided to do cooking/eating lately! I've been making more different things for us to eat, which has been pretty successful! However, some of these pictures are from eating out... so I don't get credit for making all the dishes in these pictures. Speaking of food, its time for lunch!

Making potato skins

Light summer Italian chicken and pasta

Our anniversary dinner... Edamame, Chicken Pad Thai, and Yellow Curry from Papaya

Anniversary desert... chocolate lava cake from Bravo

Make your own salad and yogurt from Wegmans... best grocery store in the world.

Breakfast Crepe from Simply Crepes

Fourth of July spread

Deviled eggs for Fourth of July

Garbage plate at the baseball game

Corn on the cob and a cheeseburger

Homemade potato salad

Leave a comment if you want a recipe!!!


  1. AGREED on Wegman's being the best store ever! Thanks for visiting my blog-- I'm following you now, too. I just read your bio....I'm from upstate NY and my hubby is from Ohio! Funny. I would love to swap guest posts sometime. Send me an email!


    1. Thats so awesome! I'd definitely love to do that!

  2. Wow!! looks delicious! I used to cook a lot more before I had my munchkin, but now with work it's been so hard! I try to stretch each meal for 3 days :)

  3. Looks delicious! I used to cook a whole lot more before I had my munchkin.. now we eat lots of leftovers :)

    1. Leftovers are the best! That potato salad lasted us a few days :)