Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings

The orders have been received. That means the little details about our move to Fort Lewis can be made. So that means I need to read them thoroughly, figure out what all the acronyms stand for, and start making the arrangements. Hubby has one more week of rotations, and then he can help me out with it. Plus the week after he's done, we are headed to Seattle to check out housing. So things around here are going to be changing. Hubby's going to be home (yay!!!) and we'll be making things happen for the move. Bring it on!
Sweater: American Eagle / Shorts: Old Navy / Flats: H&M / Earrings: Peebles

Do you see this?! I'm wearing shorts!!! I am wearing long sleeves, but they're light and just to keep me from freezing while running errands in stores that blast their air conditioning as soon as the temperature is over 70 degrees. I kept the outfit simple for just a day of errands and teaching dance. To dress it up for date night, I would add a belt and either black flats or heels.

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