Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Townhouse pictures continued

Today I'm showing you the upstairs of the townhouse! The first floor was finished first so that we could have friends over, and we needed a few more things for the bedrooms before they were finished. So here's the final product! Enjoy! 
The view of the guest room from the door at the top of the steps

The guest bedroom

Hubby's desk and bookshelf

Another view of the room

View from the bed

Flowers and books


Alarm clock and books

Little Bentley

Bigger Bentley

Picture above the bed

Up close of the bookshelf

One guitar

The other guitar

The full bathroom upstairs

Toilet and shower

Another view of the sink with the little stool

Pretty flowers, towels, and a picture of Hubby and Bentley

Master bedroom

My desk and bookshelf

Hubby's medical diploma, tv, scarves, vera bradley purses, and undies

Pictures on my side of the bed

Pictures on Hubby's side of the bed

My laptop

View from the bed of my closet

Like I said, we are very happy with how the house has turned out. Its practically brand new and we've made it our home. Hubby and I are enjoying ourselves in our new space :)

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