Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to our new townhouse!

I promised pictures of the new townhouse and here they are! Hubby and I are very proud of how it has turned out. We have a lot of people to thank for all their help with giving us IKEA gift cards, helping putting together furniture and hanging curtains, and helping putting final touches in place. Its a pretty great upgrade from our last apartment. I decided since I had so many pictures to split them up between today and tomorrow. So today is downstairs, and tomorrow is upstairs! Enjoy!
The front door of our townhouse

The back parking lot

The door to the front

The living room

Another view of the living room

Pictures from our wedding and baby Bentley on the sofa table

Blue, red, and grey are the main colors of the living room

The chairs in front of the window

Some decorations on the coffee table

Seattle skyline on the wall between the living area and the kitchen

The dining table on the opposite wall from the Seattle picture, with Bentley on the side

View of the kitchen from the living area

The kitchen

Spices and a plant

Canisters, cookbooks, and more plants

Decorations on the breakfast bar

The half bath downstairs

The stairs with pictures on the wall

Tomorrow I'll share the pictures of upstairs with you!!!


  1. I love the front entrance - so cute! The set up looks great - looks like the kitchen is a nice size too.

    1. Thanks! The kitchen is about twice the size of our old place so I'm thrilled :)

  2. Congrats! The place looks great, I love seeing Bentley in the pics too!