Thursday, November 21, 2013

Give Me Everything by Pitbull

Good news! Hubby's car was fixable and wasn't even too expensive. And now my car is all fixed up too. I'm glad our vehicles are back in good shape and they were both quick fixes. Now I need to get the guest room back in good shape for my brother who is coming to visit us next week. Although currently I'm still working on our bedroom. I showed the pictures of our townhouse to you a couple months ago, and it was pretty much done, however I felt as though our bedroom could still use a little finishing touches. So I started working on it again yesterday. I've rearranged the stuff in my bookshelf, moved the little shelf to hold purses, and added a few things here and there to make it look more put together. I'm already much happier. Once we get a new headboard and the new art work for above the bed come in, it should be finished. I'm really happy with how our whole house has turned out, and can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!! :)
Shirt: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Toms / Scarf: Space Needle gift shop

Jacket: Old Navy

Finished desk space, part of our bedroom update, with my new may books!!!

I love to pair green and purple together. They are my favorite colors, so when I'm wearing them, I always feel good. Which is why when I was personalizing my maybooks, I chose to make them purple and green. Have you heard of them? I found them on instagram when another blogger posted a picture of her new one. I love them! I always write things down in an agenda or to do list, so I got two so I could have both an agenda and to do list notebook. :)

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