Monday, May 13, 2013

I Love Dance

This weekend was our dance competition! I took a tap trio, a jazz group, a jazz soloist, and a song and dance soloist. They all did a great job and I'm proud of what they have accomplished. Now that its over, it's back to reality and getting ready for the movers to come. Only a week left here!
The tap trio danced to Anything Goes, the one on the far left did a baton solo and the one on the far right was the song and dance solosist

The jazz group danced to Call Me Maybe

My jazz soloist performed to Neon Lights 

One of my ballet students performed with her acro group from our studio 

It was a long two days, but we did it. I'm thankful to the supportive families of my students for all their help. Reminds me of my own :)

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