Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

Its time. The packers have come. We are currently living among boxes and camping out in our own apartment. There are five days left in Weirton and nine days till graduation!!!! Here's what our apartment looks like:
The living room

The kitchen 

Master bedroom 

Guest bedroom 

It gets picked up and shipped tomorrow! Next week is graduation week in Lewisburg, and then we drive to Seattle! So I'll do my best with outfit posts, but there will probably be more life updates in the next two weeks! 


  1. Oh you are so much ahead of us. But we do still have 2 weeks I think... I just can't make myself take pictures down and stuff... I hate the feeling of living out of a box!!!!

    1. Agreed! It's also been hard for me to keep things clean and organized around here knowing its just going in boxes, so it's a relief now! Good luck with your move!!!