Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Wishlist #2

I told you I'd make another one! I'm happy to say that I am done shopping for most of my family. Still need to get a few things for hubby's family, but we have a mall date on Saturday so we can finish. How are you doing on christmas shopping? I've already wrapped just about all the presents, so I am ready for some time at home with my family (thats really the best part)!!!
This was my favorite necklace ever... a nice everyday necklace from Stella and Dot. During our move this summer, it somehow got lost and I miss it lots.

I read Lauren's first book, L.A. Candy and really want the sequel. Also, as a fashion blogger, and lover of Lauren's style, I need her book! :)

These are both from Victoria Secret's Pink NFL line. Since the hubby is a browns fan, they are obviously good kissers, and I would love some Bills sweatpants! 

I always need more music... I'm a music teacher!

This sweater looks awesome, cozy, and is different than other things I own... love it!

We moved to the town where this movie was filmed, so hubby and I need to see this movie!

Do I even need to explain myself? I own seasons 1-6, and want to cry over and over again when I watch Michael propose to Holly in season 7.

Hey Hubby... do you see this? I found it at Sears :)

What do you want for Christmas?

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