Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Come & Get It by Selena Gomez

This week has turned into a busy one. I'm not complaining because I like having things to do! Yesterday I subbed middle school math and today I'm subbing elementary Phys Ed. And I have lots to do to get ready for next week because we are flying out to Seattle to do some house hunting! That requires doing the large pile of laundry, sending a bunch of emails, and packing. Lots to do!
Shirt: Gap / Cami: Aeropostale / Jeans: American Eagle / Flats: H&M / Earrings: Etsy / Glasses: Burberry

Heels: Shoe Dept.

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This outfit is what I wore to lunch with my sister on Monday. The first way, with flats and my glasses, is for a casual lunch and the second way, with my fun heels, is for date night. Both pairs of shoes go nicely with the bright yellow of this shirt.


  1. Ohhh I love those shoes! Those are so stinking cute! Love your blog! Want to follow eachtoher? Already following you :)

  2. I love both the yellow and blue! Such perfect spring colors!

  3. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,