Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day by Michael Buble

Its another snowy day of spring break. Its a good day for me to do laundry and some paperwork in the warmth of the apartment. Its also a good time to finish choreographing all the dances I'm teaching since our competition is in six weeks! The sooner we finish the more time we have to review and make them perfect. Six weeks sounds like a long time away, but I know its going to sneak up real quick!

Dress: Old Navy / Cami: Aeropostale / Sweater: Danskin / Tights: Walmart / Heels: Shoe Dept. / Earrings: Etsy

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I'm really excited about this new dress from Old Navy. It was way too cold on Sunday, when I wore this to a bridal shower, to wear it without tights and some sort of sleeves. So I decided to do black accessories with it. I tried on a blazer and a cardigan with the dress, but decided they both cut off the flow of the dress, so I wore my dance sweater that is just sleeves and a hood in the back. I thought it worked. I'm excited for it to warm up outside so I can wear this dress more!


  1. Good luck to your dancers at competition! I know how fast those 6 weeks fly by! Love that dress, it is such a pretty teal!